Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welcome Home........Top House Keeping Tips

At last Mrs Birdwatcher has returned. I went to pick her up from Macclesfield station. Whilst I was gone the Young People had agreed to do a bit of last minute hoovering, just to tidy things up a bit. No complaining!

When we arrived home they had been true to their word. They had hoovered the hall. As a finishing touch they had sprayed furniture polish "about a bit". The hall floor is laminate. Furniture polish and laminate flooring don't go well together. I know because I slid across the floor in an undignified sort of way. As I did so I noticed through the open kitchen door the big "Welcome home Mum" card. What could I say?


Kim Ayres said...

I know only too well that Dad at loss in the family feeling.

The Birdwatcher said...

Being taken seriously just occasionally would be nice :)