Saturday, June 09, 2007

London 201.2

So this is the offending logo!

Today is the first time that I have actually seen it, having been in a news black out zone for the past few days, well actually just Buxton, but I've managed to avoid newspapers, and the TV news. Of course I heard about it on Radio 4, but I hadn't got any clear idea as to what it looked like.

Is it a joke?

Perhaps Lord Coe and the other members of the Olympic organising committee are at this very moment laughing heartily at their wind up and will reveal the real logo, with "we really had you all there for a moment didn't we."

But I fear it isn't a joke.

I fear that they may have paid someone money to do this.

It looks like something that you would see on an episode of Dr Who and the Daleks, or in "1984". It has a jagged almost fascist feel to it.

Its a shame because design is one of the things we are good at.


jamal said...

Sign the petition to change the olympic logo

The Birdwatcher said...

Jamal - I guess we are just stuck with it, there is too much invested and too much vested interest in it for it to be changed.