Saturday, June 16, 2007


Moonshine, the hamster with the enormous testicles went missing briefly this morning. After a few minutes frantic searching amongst the rubbish and debris that litters the smallest birdwatchers bedroom floor, Moonshine was found hiding in the darkest recesses of the room, having helped himself to a decent portion of carpet. Presumably his diet isn't varied enough. Much relief and smiling all round.

It reminded me of the time I got to look after the class pet, which happened to be a hamster. We brought it home for the weekend and I seem to remember it did little but sleep. But on the Sunday afternoon it escaped. Not the most popular boy in the class my flimsy ratings would have plunged to sub zero if I had gone to school on the Monday with an empty cage. I was not looking forward to going to school and hours of frantic searching revealed nothing but numerous hamster sized holes for it to have disappeared down.

Late on Sunday evening my mum and dad were sitting down watching television when my mum suddenly leaped up and screamed. " A rat. There's a rat in the room. I 've just seen it run across the floor." Dad leaps up and grabing a handy poker was about to beat the "rat" to a pulp when he realised that the rat was in fact the hamster. The hamster was captured and restored to its cage and there was a very happy little boy who took it back to school the next day. Mind you rather an empty cage than a battered body.


fiwa said...

How did he get out in the first place? Hamsters are smarter than you think - we had one that figured out how to work the latch on the cage door - and would let itself out for a holiday. We ended up having to hang a weight on the door so she couldn't lift it open.

The Birdwatcher said...

Fiwa - I guess a small person left the cage door unfastened!
Good to hear from you again, hope you had a good break and your back is better.

fiwa said...

Thank you - it's good to be back - I missed all my blog buddies.

The back is much better, apparently there is a reason for physical therapy after all! I highly recommend it if you ever have back problems.

Hope you're enjoying the summer and not getting too hot!

The Birdwatcher said...

Hot! Chance would be a fine thing. We have rain, alot of it, every day for weeks and weeks. Our summer has been cancelled!