Saturday, October 27, 2007

Its a Cats Life

I heard the thwack of the cat flap, followed soon after by that spine tingling feline howl. Tearing myself away from Stephen Fry's new column in the Guardian I looked out of the window. Yo Yo (named after one of Bath Rugby's' greatest wingers Adebayo Adedayo) was standing triumphantly over the cowering and contrite form of a small tabby cat. She was clearly not happy at this trespass into her territory. She must have meant it as normally it takes something serious, like the arrival of a large dog or my singing to get her to move as quickly. The cat flap twacked again and JC (named after Jon Callard ex Bath Rugby full back hero of the 1998 European cup victory over Brive) strolled out to see what all the fuss was about. JC is a coward as well as being lazy. She stopped well short of the tabby which was still on its back. I knocked on the window. This distracted Yo Yo sufficiently to enable the Tabby to make its escape. JC bravely leaped back ten feet to allow it plently of room. Honour had been satisfied and the garden was now tabbyless. The cat flap thwacked a couple of times.When I went to check they were both in their basket, exhausted and sound asleep.


Malc said...

Glad it's not just me that names female animals after male characters/sportsmen. I had a cat once called Stan Cullis and she seemed none the worse for it.

Two of the hens are Fletch and Godber because they keep escaping accidentally.

Are you in action this afternoon? Look forward to the report/aftermath.

Richard said...

Whenever I manage to get another cat, regardless of its sex it will be called Colin. Previous cat names have included Wallis and Simon so why not? Colin after nobody in particular

The Birdwatcher said...

Malc - Do they come back to roost though?

We were in action and we lost, acerbic match report to follow on

Richard - Colin seems a fine name to me. We once had a cat called mousewallet. My ex girlfriend was embarrassed to take it to the vet so I had to. As the cat was registered in her name it used to casue confusion in the waiting room, when they called out "would Miss Bolton take Mousewallet to room 2".

Gordie said...

A friend of mine had a cat named after Peter Bonetti, the Chelsea and England goalkeeper. He used to call it "The Cat".

I, like the view said...

our cat, named Miaow by my Smallest Person, has been out on the tiles with a new boyfriend

we had to leave her brother behind when we moved house (the cat's, not Smallest Person's; altho thinking about it, that might not have been such a bad idea)

The Teen (Smallest Person's brother) named Miaow's brother Fantastic Dan and His Supersonic Cows

I doubt he'll be able to surpass that if Miaow has a litter - but you never know

what a lovely thought - being all exhausted but asleep and snuggled up in a cat basket!

The Birdwatcher said...

Gordie - Welcome. I used to play in goal - I was known as the sloth. I was usally picked last.

ILTV - great name for a cat, it would really piss the vet off having to call it out everytime you took it.

I'm not sure which I envy the most, Moonshine the hamster or our cats. Then I look at what they get to eat and go off to work feeling a litle better.