Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Morning

I pushed open the door of the study and turned on the light. Immediately Moonshine stopped going round on his wheel and peered cautiously out of his cage at me.I stared back at him. I found myself envious of him. His life was straight forward and simple, he had no deadlines to worry about, no debts, I don't suppose he lay awake at night worrying about the mortgage, the job. Soon he forgot about me and giving up on the wheel, stuffed his face and cheeks with food and headed back to his nest. This involved him in some quite difficult squeezing to get himself and his overloaded cheeks up the tube into his bed. But he did it and with the most taxing thing he would have to do all day done, settled down to sleep.

Later as I eat toast and remembered more of the things that I should have done for work at the weekend, I stared out of the kitchen window and watched one of the cats flick a stick up in the air and then chase it. Eventually it grew bored and slunk under the bushes to wait patiently for the sparrows to grow forgetful and come into range. Of course they never do but the cats are optimists or stupid and will wait under the bushes for hours no matter how vile the weather.

I set off for work. A thin sleety rain falls from the leaden skies. I am struck by the thought that in 5000 years time the rain that is falling now will be sold in plastic bottles or whatever the equivalent will be.

Monday, don't you just love it.


fiwa said...

We have a saying for this in our house. This feeling - we call it "The crushing sameness of it all".

Rol Hirst said...

In 5000 years, the work we do now will be irrelevant... so why are we bothering? ;-)

Malc said...

Your sound very glum, BW. Everything OK? Hope it's just a case of January gloom.

Kim Ayres said...

I only come here for the cheery banter

The Birdwatcher said...

Fiwa - Very profound. My worse charateristic is procrastination, and I never learn.

Rol - I feel what I did yesterday is irrelevant. Glad I won't be around in 5000 years time.

Malc - January gloom, mid life crisis, approaching 50, have not played rugby for two months because of my ankle, as the song says "things can only get better".

Kim - Sorry to disappoint