Friday, May 23, 2008

A Buzzard

I was meant to be in London, but instead I was standing on a hillside in the Goyt, watching a buzzard glide and soar just above the treetops of the wood. It was early afternoon and in the valley out of the chilly wind it felt like summer. The sun was shinning, there was even a faint shimmering heat haze. As I watched the buzzard, it began to climb above the trees, seeking out the thermals, effortlessly turning in tight circles with just an occasional flap of its large wings and going ever upwards. Every so often it would stop rising and fly in larger circles, its head hung down, searching for any movement below, before seeking out the warm rising air to climb higher. Within minutes it was a faint speck, and I moved on lifted by what I had seen and as always amazed at the sheer effortlessness of it all. I was glad I was on the hillside London would wait until tomorrow.


KAZ said...

Sounds marvellous - I wish I'd been there.

Jennyta said...

What a lovely post. I'm there in spirit!

Malc said...

I miss buzzards. There are huge numbers in Shropshire now, but none here in Orkney.

Another bird that doesn't seem to have to make any effort to fly is the fulmar. They're nesting on the cliffs here and gliding effortlessly to and from the nests.

Gadjo Dilo said...

The Danish word for buzzard translates as "mouse watcher", which seems a pretty accurate description of their raison d'ĂȘtre.

We're supposed to get eagles here in Transylvania, but whenever one thinks one's spotted one in the sky one knows it's probably just another buzzard. Still a pleasant sight though.

fiwa said...

I don't think a buzzard has ever sounded so poetic. Wish I could fly.

fiwa said...

I don't think a buzzard has ever sounded so poetic. Wish I could fly.

The Birdwatcher said...

kaz - yes I am lucky to live so close to such a wonderful place.

jennyta - thanks

Malc - I guess the landscape is to open for Buzzards? They seem to be thriving everywhere on the mainland. I heard a report a couple of days ago that Red Kites have been spotted to the South of the Peak District, which is exciting.

Gadjo - Very appropriate. They are magnificent birds.

Fiwa - It must be a wonderful experience to soar so easily and efortlessly.