Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Curlew

Flying purposefully back to its nesting site.


fiwa said...

Your recent walks have been amazing. I'm so jealous - it's still cold and rainy here - I haven't been outside for weeks.

Enjoy and keep taking the pictures - I love looking at them.


Malc said...

Strangest thing in our fields yesterday evening, a curlew and an oystercatcher engaging in a 20-minute, on-off dogfight. Can't think that either is much of a threat to the other. Bloody noisy, though.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Does anybody here know anything about Little Ringed Plovers?? I think I saw a couple on a rock by a stream here in Dracula-Land; the eponymous ring wasn't very obvious, but I can't think what else they could have been. Juveniles?