Friday, July 18, 2008

Tomorrow I'm Cycling to Wrexham

But tonight I'm drinking red wine. Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I'm a fair weather cyclist you see. What is Wrexham like I wonder on a damp July evening? Hopefully I will find out so I'll let you know.

Bet you can't wait.


Malc said...

Wrexham?! Wrexham???!!

You've seen Fort Apache, The Bronx, I suppose? Soylent Green? The Munchkins in Wizard of Oz?

Well it's like all those with a strange hybrid Scouse/Welsh accent.

Not for the faint-hearted. I hope Mrs BW has you well insured.

Malc said...

And hang on a minute. . . cycling? You've finally gone over the edge, haven't you?

Jennyta said...

Wish you'd told me, you could have popped in to see us!

No Good Boyo said...

Wrexham (Maelor hospital, to be exact) is the birthplace of No Good Boyo! The Sportsman, if it's still there, is a lively hostelry.

Good luck.

fiwa said...

Just checking in to say "hello" back and find out how your cycling trip went?

lovins -

The Birdwatcher said...

Malc - Actually it was a mighty fine night out. The cycling was the justification for all the Guiness that was drunk.

JennyTa - Shame! But you wouldn't have been pleased with the rest of the beer swilling, womenising, mob.

NGB - Fine and welcoming place Wrexham. We may have made the Sportsman, however all the bars merged into one as the days hills and guinness took its toll.

Fiwa - Was going to post a blog about it, probably will put something on soon. Anyway "Hello" hope you are well.

fiwa said...

Hi - just came by to explain the "semi" bit about my wreck. It's a transport truck - not an 18 wheeler, a bit smaller than that, but a BIG TRUCK none the less. I haven't heard back from the insurance company yet, but I'm pretty sure they're going to say my car is totalled and offer me a cash settlement. :(

The Birdwatcher said...

Fiwa - a truck! Blimey! Hope you get a decent settlement. Take care.