Saturday, September 26, 2009

More haste less speed

As my Grandfather used to say. Life has certainly got very busy since we came back from Scotland. I have only managed to go to the Goyt a couple of times. Its still there, but looking a little scruffy. I think the valley where Lilly and I walk has become popular with "off roaders". There are tracks appearing on the hillside and evidence of tracked vehicles churning up the ground. Never mind it will survive!

We are going through another period of change at work, which means courses and new procedures and plenty of distractions from what I thought we were paid to do. It will pass, but it causes a lot of stress in the meantime. But as I remind myself at least ten times a day, "the grass is always greener...", "better the devil you know".

Off to take the Munch riding, make sure that Weasel gets up and tidies her room, and then off to play rugby. Who said life was dull!


Malc said...

"Off-roaders"! God, how I hate them. To my mind, nobody should be allowed to buy a 4x4 unless they have a good, practical reason for doing so. (School run don't count).
How're Buxton thirds getting on this year?

The Birdwatcher said...

Malc - agreed about the 4x4s. The Thirds are having a rough old time trying to find enough players to make up a team. We are not fussy. Your own legs (optional) and ability to drink a lot of beer (compulsory) are really the only criteria. Hopefully it will get better.