Friday, October 08, 2010

Mrs BW gets a surprise

No not what you think at all. This is a family blog. Sort of.

She took Lilly our border collie out on the moors on Thursday. No surprise there. The sun was shining, the leaves drifting off the trees, a slight chill in the air, in short the perfect autumnal day. Apparently Lilly was racing about chasing leaves, the ball, and anything else that caught her fancy. A happy contented dog and her owner out for a walk. Then Lilly disappears over the crest of the next rise. Mrs BW remained untroubled and carried on plodding up the slope.

She heard bleating first. Then saw a line of sheep coming down the hill towards her. She claims that there were many sheep but on closer cross examination the number appeared to be around ten. Well ten could be many I suppose Behind the sheep trotted Lilly. Very proud of herself with a "hey look what I found scattered about the moor" look on her face. Then she split the flock in two, herding one up to a wall and then returning to the other half flock. Still not satisfied she split a sheep from the pack, herded it round a bit before bringing it back to its half flock. Then as by way of an encore she joined the two half flocks into one and moved them to a different part of the wall, before sitting down and staring at them.

Mrs BW called her and after one more longing look at the sheep raced back to get the plaudits and praise that of course she deserved.

Wished I'd been there. I guess its instinct , though I have been taking her to sheep dog trials, but only as a spectator. I fancy myself in a smock with a shepherds crook. But as I said this is a family blog. Have a good weekend.


Sweet Birdy Love said...

Great photo........
Sounds like you might have to start looking at smocks and crooks.......
She's one clever pooch, would've been great to watch for sure.

Anonymous said...

So she's been watching and taking it all in - when you thought she was just standing idly by.
Clever dog!

The Birdwatcher said...

SBL - like the idea of a smock!

Anon - She is a very clever dog. She has us well trained.

JRandSue said...

Great looking Dog,lovely action capture.