Sunday, July 01, 2012


As I write this, I occasional look out of the window. Just a glance. Just to see if anything interesting is happening in the Close. It isn't, so its back to the screen. The one thing that doesn't seem to change when I look out of the window is the sky, or rather the clouds. We don't seem to have seasons in Buxton, just different varieties of greyness accompanied by rain of different intensities. Okay the temperature varies a little bit but basically its grey and damp for most of the time. There are four different types that I have identified;

Dark Grey with bits of black. This means that it is raining, usually heavily.

Light Grey with hints of darker grey. Light rain and drizzle.

Light Grey with streaks of sun. It has been raining but has temporarily stopped. Won't be long before it starts raining again.

Very Light Grey. Snowing.

Today it has mostly been light grey with hints of darker grey, but recently we have had a streak of sunlight but it has been chased away by more grey of the darker variety. No doubt tomorrow we will have unbroken sunshine so my gloomy classification will be redundant, but I think it holds for probably 90% of the time up here, and that's a rather depressing thought.


William Le Couteur said...

No comments, shame, as a nice piece of writing. New Zealand in the winter is similar. Time to move to Cornwall?

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