Friday, December 07, 2007

Hibernation is off

After the failure of my man to sort out the central heating, Mrs BW got her man in, and now we have hot water and heat again. It was a little switch apparently. A very expensive little switch nonetheless. I am now paranoid that it will stop working again and keep on fiddling with the thermostat to make sure that everything is well. Mrs BW says that if I continue to do this I will break it. We also have a carbon monoxide monitor. Mrs BW says it a good idea, and justified it by reading out to me all the horrible things that can happen to you if you have a build up of carbon monoxide. Very scary. I think we should have one in every room.

So at least the BW's won't be hibernating. (Not quite true as the Weasel hibernates at the weekends) And of course the cats hibernate for 99.9% of the year anyway regardless of the state of the boiler and climatic conditions.


fiwa said...

Don't feel bad. We once paid someone to come out and tell us the reason our heater wouldn't turn off was because we'd accidentally flipped a switch that caused it to stay on all the time. $60 to flip a switch off.

Glad you're out of hibernation in time for the weekend. Hope your weather picks up a bit.


Stef the engineer said...

Absolutely make sure you have a CO alarm in every room where you're liable to spend long periods, and could sleep - bedrooms and living/sitting rooms. Make sure they are labelled as being to EN50271. They could save your life.
Sorry to be serious...

The Birdwatcher said...

Fiwa - Its all very frustrating! Still raining by the way.

Stef - Very good and sound advice