Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I think we might hibernate

Things are a bit chilly in the BW household at the moment. Nothing to do with Mrs BW uncovering my surfing habits or a rush of hormones from the fledglings. Much more mundane. The central heating boiler, of which I recently boasted we had had for nineteen years and hadn't had to have it serviced, has gone all French on us and refused to supply us with hot water and heat. This is not good, as despite the weather forecasters talking about unseasonably warm weather, the Peak District remains stubbornly wet and cold.

We've had a man out. He could find nothing wrong with it other than the fact that it doesn't work. So now we are waiting for another man from British Gas to come and work his magic at a household budget wrecking cost.

On the bright side Moonshine will only come out if we put a fan heater on in the study. The nights would have been quiet and peaceful except the noise of his wheel has been replaced by the sound of four sets of teeth chattering.

Hopefully it will be sorted soon, else the Birdwatchers may well join Moonshine and hibernate for the winter.


I, like the view said...

yeah! my boiler's broken too!! I've been boiling kettles for basins full of water to wash my hair in and sending the Small People over to their dad's for showers

it's a sure sign that winter is going to hit hard when the central heating brakes down


(but I do recall when I was about ten or eleven having to do my piano practice by candlelight, as there were power strikes - so it could be worse)

I, like the view said...

brakes? did I mean breaks? I have no idea


Malc said...

Boilers. . . central heating. . . happy memories.

fiwa said...

Yikes, you all must be miserable. The damp/wet makes it feel so much colder. You have my sympathy. We went without power for 4 days last winter, and we ended up living in one room as close to the fireplace as we could get.

Rol Hirst said...

I'm used to the cold here, being too stingey to put the heating on unless there's ice inside the oven.

Still, hibernation doesn't sound like a bad idea. But if you're waiting for the British weather to improve before you get up again, you may have a long sleep ahead...

The Birdwatcher said...

ILTV - Sorry to hear about your boiler. Useful to have an other half so close. Don't think our neighbours would appreciate a load of BW's trooping over to ave a baths. I remember the candles during the great power cuts of the 70's. I got into a lot of trouble for dripping candle wax on the carpet.

Malc - But think of all those open firs and crackling logs and steaming tin baths infront of the range. I've gone quite nostalgic.

Fiwa - Some say that I am always miserable. If we had to live in a living room for four days we would end up murdering each other.

Rol - sort of year round hibernation I guess. It has a lot to be said for it.