Thursday, December 20, 2007

A little bit of a rant.

There was a piece on Radio 4 on The World Tonight that told of the Church of England saying that the traditional naivety (sorry nativity) story about the three kings, the star, the stable, the kids with table cloths on their heads, was basically aload of bollocks. This is meant to be news! Where have they been all these years? Do they think that we are stupid? I thought everyone knew that Christmas was a mid winter festival that the pagans celebrated way before the Christan's came along to claim it for themselves? No? Well its about time we non believers reclaimed it then. Its nothing to do with Shepherds and Stars and stuff, its about saying phew we're half way through the winter lets celebrate, get pissed and eat to much and then realise a few days later that you've eaten next months food and unless you do something imaginative, like go and raid the next village you will starve. Of course today we just put it on our credit card or if you are in possession of the latest CD from the Inland Revenue, someone else's credit card. Anyway that's really all I wanted to say. Good night and as the great Dave Allen used to say "May your God go with you".


fiwa said...

That would be news to most people over here. In fact, broadcasting a story like that would probably cause a riot. I just read a poll that said something like 70% of americans wouldn't vote for a presidential candidate if he/she claimed to be an atheist. Hope I spelled that right.

Heehee... I just read the "label". I myself have had one too many - today was our work holiday party. Never drink at work, it's a bad, baaaad idea.

The Birdwatcher said...

Fiwa - Drinking at work is okay its who you end up drinking with that the problem. (In my experience anyway). British politicians do not really do religion. (Except the repulsive Mr Blair, who of course went down a storm in the US of A) Hope you have a good holiday x